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Bathroom Design Trends 2017

Bathroom Design Trends 2017

Bathroom Trends for Best ROI

If you’re considering a remodel, or even a sprucing up, it’s always a good idea to check out the latest design and decor trends. Kitchens and bathrooms are the most expensive rooms to update, and they often can make or break a home sale. A nod to what’s on trend is always wise if you plan to sell your home in the near future:

My search around the world wide web has brought me several sources of reliable information…Elle Decor, Huffinton Post, House Beautiful and DIY Network, and, of course Pinterest, are faithful stand-by’s. Angie’s List has some great information about bathroom design trends for 2015, and its’ a great resource to find contractors.

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Bathroom Design Trends 2017

Here are the Bathroom Trends for 2017:

Environmentally Friendly

Water-saving toilets are more in demand. The flush that used to be 7 gallons a decade ago is now 1.2 gallons. Water-saving shower heads are the norm. Low-flow shower heads of today have beautiful designs. A typical shower head will use anywhere between 5 to 8 gallons of water per minute, while a low-flow head will bring that down to 2.5 gallons or less with the same amount of water pressure. Modern motion sensor faucets are becoming available to homeowners. Most major bathroom fixture manufacturers have them.


Hand showers, high-tech faucets, LED lighting, and advanced electronics are in demand, but not just for the sake of the technology. Homeowners are looking for more control and convenience. Consider a Digital Showering System…with smart features like a warm-up mode, a timer, and a way to pause water flow. And you know you’ve always wanted an LCD TV in the door. Remote control is now welcome in the bathroom…TV, stereo, and windows are subject.

bathroom technologyHeated floors are showing up more often. It is actually more cost-effective that most methods of heating.

Many home shows across the country offered the smart toilet, from several major brands. The smart toilet features include luxury conveniences such as hands-free flushing, automated lid opening and closing, and seat heating. Some models have an integrated hair dryer!

Industrial Decor

Like the design trends in the main living spaces of the home, the bathroom is being treated to industrial decor. Light fixtures, shower rods, exposed pipes and re-purposed industrial pieces are at home in the bathroom. A variety of metals can mix comfortably with industrial design.


We are more in tune to the experience we have in our homes, how our roomsluxury bathroom make us feel. More than before, people want to have a spa-like experience at home. As life becomes more stressful, the ability to have a relaxing retreat in our own bathroom is in demand. Look for:

  • Expansive Walk-In showers, with various shower heads and spray systems. Multi-head showers are the epitome of luxury in a large shower. Doorless and curb-less showers are really hot. And they are great for seniors. As we see more multi-generational housing, we see universal design features like no threshold showers on the rise.
  • More frequently, people are opting out of a bathtub. Or, to save space, more stand-alone tubs are being purchased. In the past, free-standing tubs have been very expensive designer features, but as demand goes up, generally prices come down. Hopefully this will be true for these gorgeous bathroom features.
  • Steam showers are reported to have many health benefits. More people looking for a spa getaway at home are incorporating steam showers.
  • For new homes, we’ll be seeing a fireplace in the bathroom for the ultimate luxury and comfort experience.


Natural and organic materials like natural stone, concrete, timber and timber veneers are increasing in popularity. Timber paneling reminiscent of the 70s sauna, but in an updated version, is making a quiet comeback. On trend with the rest of the home, designers are bringing plants, wicker, baskets and natural materials into the bathroom to enhance the spa-like feel.


minimalist bathroomAlong with the need for Zen in a complicated world, the bathroom styles are becoming more streamlined, hiding hardware and pipes, for a cleaner look. Lines are simple, materials are less fussy.

In case you haven’t had a chance to get one of those trendy bowl-shaped sinks, they are going out of style. People are opting for under-mounted sinks. Pedestal sinks and sinks with legs are becoming popular.

Dedicated Spaces

There will be more individual spaces, zones—dedicated dressing and makeup areas and water closets.

Colors for 2016

Gray. It’s the new neutral and it’s everywhere, even in the bathroom. Blue and beige are also popular.


While the style is becoming more minimalist and streamlined, many bathroom designers are balancing the clean lines with warmth, texture and furniture. The bathroom is being treated as one of the “heart of the home” spaces, just like the kitchen. You’ll find glossy wood, fabrics, and wallpaper.

Mirrors are more than just functional, they can be of different shapes, full length, and backlighted, an addition to the overall design.

Quartz countertops are the new thing. Marble is also showing up in the newest designs. Granite is not as popular as it has been in the past, but still demand. Other innovative countertop materials that have been showing up in the kitchen are now showing up in bathrooms… like manufactured products, bamboo, concrete and recycled glass.

Glass tile is still very popular. The colors are many and can fit in with any design concept. Subway tile is also very trendy and compliments any design or color scheme.

Overall Decor: Old Rules are Out

Modern bathroom design trends are moving towards a bathroom that fits in with the decor in the rest of the home. The color combinations, architectural designs, and a blend of luxury and comfort are more personal and individual.

Today’s homeowners are demanding more style choices, more elegance and more choices in lighting and fixtures. Personal style reigns in the bathroom.

           Farmhouse Bathroom by Kohler Kitchen & Bath Fixtures Kohler

A lot of the old rules are out, so go ahead and hang a chandelier over the tub. A touch of elegance adds to the luxury feel. Artwork is showing up in the bathroom…you might as well have something to gaze upon as you luxuriate in your own home spa!

Bathrooms Matter

According to Remodeling Magazine, kitchens and baths sell homes. In the hottest housing markets, updating a kitchen our bath is often a good idea, with a return on investment nearing 100%.  Washington D.C. and the surrounding areas are one of those hot markets.

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Bathroom Design Trends for Best ROI
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Bathroom Design Trends for Best ROI
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