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Decorating Trend Forecast for Today’s Homeowners

Decorating Trend Forecast for Today’s Homeowners

Most homeowners, whether they are thinking of selling or not, have an interest in decorating. Everyone wants to be comfortable in their nest, and that often includes decorating in colors and styles that reflect who they are. Whether you put a lot of thought into your decor, or whether you do a quick makeover, whether you use what you have accumulated over the years, or whether you love to purchase an entire new look, the decorating trend forecast will be of interest.

Decorating Trends for Frederick Homeowners

According to Elle Decor – Pantone, House Beautiful, Houzz, Ikea and, we’ll also be seeing a continuation of some of this year’s styles and colors, and some new ones. Sometimes the first clue about next year’s decorating trends are seen on the runways of Fashion Week in New York! For clues, ladies will be interested to know that Fashion Week is taking place every year in September.

Colors for Today’s Decorating

The colors that will be seen everywhere today:


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Chalky Black

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. Neutrals – In modern decorating, neutrals are no longer just beige and white. Neutrals next year will include shades of peach, pink and coral; lavendar; clay; taupe; and pale blues and greens. .

Grey is still the hottest neutral, according to House Beautiful. The combination of soft grey walls, charcoal doors or trim, and a whitish-grey ceiling is going to be very popular, and a good background for any color combination chosen for furniture and decor. Any light pastel is considered a neutral, especially blues and greens .

Color Palettes.

  1. Dynamic Pairings – The new modern includes dynamic color pairings, like black, white and a pop of red…or the bold combination of blue, green and orange. .
  2. Pastel Palettes reminiscent of the 80’s – Think orange and purple sunsets, green palm trees and aqua pools, and pink flamingos. .
  3. Warm, muddy tones reminiscent of the 60’s – Think rust, olive, aubergine and dusty mint.
  4. Traditional colors paired with crisp white, for a modern twist. Consider deep, rich blues… Indigo, Greek Blue, Traditional Cobalt Blue, but glossy, and paired with white. .
  5. The sumptuous, glamorous rich hues of Renaissance colors. According to House Beautiful: The combinations of greens, plums, cerulean blue, beiges and whites – and the mixing of patterns and textures, as seen in many Renaissance paintings.

Color Combinations:

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Decor Trends for Today

Finishes – Brushed Gold, gold mixed with brass, seen in gold leaf and also mixed with other metals. Silver will still be seen, but second to gold.  Black finishes will also be popular, matte black.

  • Tile Work – Texture and matte finishes are popular in tile work. Intricate and mosaic patterns will be the rage in tile work next year.
  • Metals – Vintage Metals, Faucets with minimalist designs and contemporary clean lines, or techy attributes, like touch-activated faucets. Industrial Design is the rage. Consider this trend for light fixtures, occasional furniture and storage solutions. It also works well for mirrors, home office furniture, and just about anything for a modern loft-feel.
  • Appliances – Colored Kitchen Appliances are the trend, with vintage-looking models, as well as appliances being built into the cabinetry. Microwave drawers are becoming more popular, as many consumers don’t want to use counter or cabinet space.  Look for steam ovens to be in stores as people focus more on healthy eating.  See more on our Pinterest Board:    

Fixtures and Finishes for Home Decorating 

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Style Trends .

  1. Simplicity – Scandinavian style is trendy now, as it is the epitome of simplicity. Next year the trend will broaden to include airy, spacious rooms, less cluttered and more straightforward. As our lives become more cluttered, our spaces seem to move the other direction. Hide-Away storage pieces are more in demand as more people are opting for smaller, but smarter spaces. .
  2. Mid-Century Modern – Thanks in part to the television show “Mad Men” this style has become popular in the last few years. It spanned a period of about 2 1/2 decades from the mid-1940’s to 1970. Many are attracted to the simplicity and clean lines of mid-century modern furniture, accessories and decor. A few iconic pieces can work well with any room..
  3. Hand-Made is in style, including crafts from other cultures. A touch of hand-made will cross all kinds of styles. .
  4. Nature-Inspired – Natural elements are still a big part of modern decorating and will continue to be next year. Including plants, wood, stained wood, bone and horns, leather, baskets and natural stone,  granite, and marble is a trend that crosses all styles, from modern to vintage and everything in-between. Botanical prints, and large floral prints are in style for art, furniture, window coverings and even wall paper. .
  5. The New Modern – What we define as modern changes throughout the years. Modern decor includes a fusion of styles, including ethnic patterns, geometric patterns, rustic and natural elements, organic and eco-friendly touches, and the addition of hand-made items, especially items from different cultures. Eclectic is the New Modern..
  6. Geometric Design – Bold and subtle geometric patterns will be seen in wall paper, upholstered furniture, window treatments and rugs next year. One piece can really spice up a living space.  See more on our Pinterest Board:

Decorating Trend Forecast

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Outdoor Rooms – Outdoor Rooms Add Living Space. The trend to create comfortable, colorful and engaging outdoor rooms will continue in the near future. See more inspiration on our Pinterest Board:

Outdoor Rooms

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Staging Your Home for Sale . If you are thinking of selling your home, consider a fresh coat of paint in some contemporary neutral shade from a contemporary color palette. A few touches of the new color palettes in the furniture, window coverings or occasional pieces, some touches of wood or trendy metals, and you can have a great new look that appeals to the buyers. Happy Decorating! .

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Decorating Trend Forecast for 2015
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Decorating Trend Forecast for 2015
Decorating with even a few of the latest home decor trends can help with your home staging when you are selling your home.

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