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Is Frederick A “Bedroom Community”?

Is Frederick A “Bedroom Community”?

Frederick, Maryland has been considered a bedroom community to southern locations like Montgomery County and Washington D.C. for many years. What is a “bedroom community”?

A bedroom community is a “community where many commuters live”, according to  Urban Dictionary proclaims there is no major employment in a bedroom community.  Wisegeek describes a bedroom community:

“A proper bedroom community is generally located in the exurbs, extra urban,
less developed areas separated from the suburbs by green spaces.
A commuter town may be located on a major highway into the
larger cities, or it may be in a more isolated semi-rural area.”

Employment for Frederick residents break down:

  • 74% work for private companies
  • 20% work for government
  • 6% are self-employed
  • 6.1% unemployment
  • c. 60% of residents work in Frederick County
  • c. 40% of residents commute more than 30 minutes to work
Frederick Maryland
The median travel time to work is 31.9 minutes, so half of the workers travel more than 32 minutes, half less. Even though Frederick Maryland has had employment increase over the years, with the expansion of Fort Detrick and the increase of businesses like Wells Fargo, 40% of Frederick County residents commute outside of Frederick County for employment.Statistics from 2009, city-data.

As more employment comes to Frederick, we are destined to lose the “bedroom community status. There are several groups working to attract more business to Frederick, particularly the tech community. There is a new Meetup Group, Frederick Startup Community, which has been formed to start the dialogue. Also, Frederick Entrepreneur Network has a collection of startup communities and resources.

The top ten employers in Frederick County in 2013:

Fort Detrick:                                     6050
Frederick County Public Schools:    5500
Frederick Memorial Health Care:      2700
Frederick County Government:          2100
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage:            1881
Frederick Community College:           939
State Farm:                                         839
United Health Care:                            832
City of Frederick Government:           831
YMCA of Frederick County:               442


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