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Getting My Home Ready For the Real Estate Market -Part 2

Getting My Home Ready For the Real Estate Market -Part 2

When you are considering the sale of your home, it’s never too early to start planning what you need to do to get your home into the best condition for the market. If you have done the basic things that we’ve explained in Part Oneall of the things that are most important, the cleaning, painting, and de-cluttering, take a good look and see if there are any obvious deficiencies.  Here are several things that might need attention:
getting your house ready to sell

Shampoo or replace carpet.  If it is permanently stained, worn, or dated, replace it.  Get a neutral shade, “Tea Stain” is our favorite, in an affordable grade; it needn’t be top-of-the line. [click on the image for carpet cleaning tips –>]

2. Repair damaged flooring.  If the hardwoods are scratched or sun-bleached, have them refinished.   If ceramic tiles are cracked, replace them. Make sure grout is clean and not cracked. If vinyl or linoleum is worn, damaged, or dated, replace it.  Think about a material that is more contemporary. There are many affordable laminates on the market that look great and wear very well.

3. Repair electrical or plumbing problems. These systems must be “in proper working condition”, according to the MAR Contract. They will come up in a home inspection, so you might as well do the work before you put the house on the market. Replace or repair leaky faucets. Make sure all outlets are working properly, and make sure drains are clear.

4. Update Kitchens and Baths.  In our part of the Country, kitchens and baths sell homes.  Buyers today are used to granite countertops, upgraded appliances, stainless steel.  Make sure that your home’s kitchens and baths are comparable to the homes on the market that are like yours and in your price range. Replace old fixtures, cracked sinks or yellowed and stained vinyl.  Replace old medicine cabinets, and mirrors.  Make sure grout is clean and regrout where neccessary.  Replace worn caulk.

5. Take a good look at your lighting fixtures. You will want to replace the old 80’s vintage brass fixtures with something a little more updated. Consider some ideas from my Pinterest Board, “Fixtures & Finishes for Home Decorating Trends 2015”:

Follow The Highland Group’s board Fixtures & Finishes for Home Decorating Trends 2015 on Pinterest.

Consider using a “signature” piece in the best room of your home, or the best feature…to draw some attention and show it off. It could be:

  • a light fixture, to draw the eyes up and show off a spacious room
  •  a work of art, to bring a focal point
  • a beautiful fireplace screen or mantle arrangement
  • a soothing water feature on your custom deck [remember, outdoor rooms add living space…so show them off]
  • a stunning piece of furniture to bring attention to a special space,
  • or window treatments, to show off the light from great windows

For Color Inspiration, here are some ideas from our Pinterest Board, “Color Palettes for Decorating 2015”:

Follow The Highland Group’s board Color Palettes for Decorating 2015 on Pinterest.

6. If your house looks worn out and old, paint or stain the exterior.  Powerwash the siding, and the entryway and walkways if applicable.

7. Before you do anything else…paint the front door! It’s amazing how a fresh clean coat of paint on the door and trim will make a huge difference. First impressions count.

8. Lastly, clean up and update your landscaping. Simple is great. Add some potted plants and flowers if the season is right. Overgrown and wild is seldom the appropriate look for a home…it says [in a sad voice]: “This home is not cared for”.

When you have done all the updates, remember, you have just made your home salable.  You’ve done what you need to do to get your house market ready.  Don’t expect to get every penny out of your updates. For an idea about Return on Investment, read this yearly Cost Vs. Value report from Remodeling.

The Final Step:

Price your house to sell, and you will.

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