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The Best in Video Marketing

The Best in Video Marketing

Video Marketing with The Highland Group

The visual components of real estate marketing have never been more important than they are today, in the internet-driven world of real estate sales. While statistics tell us that over 90% of home buyers are looking for their new home online, the use of video and photography to market a home is crucial.

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When it comes to real estate marketing there is nothing more important than quality real estate photography. In fact it can make or break a sale very easily. One of the more remarkable things about real estate sales is there is a very big gap between the agents who understand this and use professional photography and video, and those agents who just do the minimum in their marketing.

With the Highland Group, we believe that and we make High Definition, walk-through video, and professional hi-def photography the centerpiece of our marketing. Check out some of our latest home videos:

Single-Family Home on Bidle Road in Middletown Md SOLD

Single-Family Home, Westminster Md 

 Point of Rocks Single-Family Sold

Whether we are listing a large country estate, or a townhouse or a condominium, we don’t differentiate in our marketing. Hi-def video and photography is a very important tool in our marketing tool-belt, for every home that we list.

2500 Waterside Drive in Worman’s Mill Frederick Md 21701 SOLD

Hi Resolution Professional Photography in Real Estate Marketing

One of the most powerful marketing tools is the use of high resolution photos that show the home at its best. Online photos are the first impression, and if they don’t show the home at the highest level, you risk getting passed over by potential buyers. On any of the real estate websites available to online searchers, photos of the home are highlighted at the top of the page.

A survey by showed that listings having no photos or bad photos are a deal breaker to buyers. Of the buyers surveyed, 91% said they are “less likely to see a home in person if the listing has bad photos or no photos.”

Click to See Professional Photos

Aspen North Silverton

Not All Video & Photography is the Same

It may seem like a small point, but not all home video is the same. Many real estate agents have the tools or can pay for companies who specialize in “Visual Tours”, which are little more than still photos of the rooms of a home turned into a video. Our videos are full motion, walk-through videos. Nothing does a better job of showing a potential buyer the flow of the home, the floor plan and the true definition of the spaces of your home.


Frederick Md Townhouse (SOLD)

New Market Single-Family Home (SOLD)

 Sellers, It’s time to expect more.

Seriously, we live in an age technology, where we have the tools at our disposal. At the Highland Group, we are more than just real estate agents, we are 21st Century real estate marketers. Give us a call and ask how we can get to work for you, selling your home with the highest level of technical finesse!

Neighborhood Videos

The extra step to our marketing that sets us apart are our neighborhood videos. If your listing is in a neighborhood, our marketing will include a neighborhood video to draw interested buyers in, leading them to your listing.

Homes for Sale in Dearbought, a Neighborhood in Frederick Md

A Day in Downtown Frederick Md

For more information and a deeper explanation of our Hi-Resolution Photography and Hi-Def Walk-through video marketing, see “The Best In Real Estate Marketing – Photography and Video

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