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Buyers Home Repair Expectations

Buyers Home Repair Expectations

What Can I Expect the Seller to Repair on Their Home Before We Settle?

You’ve searched Frederick homes for sale, you found your dream home, negotiated an acceptable contract, and now here you sit with a home inspection report in your hands.  What can you rightfully expect, according to the MAR (Maryland Association of Realtors) contract?* The Contract addresses expectations.  (Remember that different State contracts read differently.)Can we fix it? Yes We Can!

After over 22 years in the real estate industry, we have experienced a lot of misunderstanding about this subject from buyers, sellers, and yes, from Realtors®.  The answer to the question has changed recently, and we think it has taken away some of the confusion.

Paragraph 21 of the MAR contract has been removed, which used to specify that all systems of the home should be in working order. Anything that was not a “system of the home” was negotiable, while any non-working parts of the systems were required to be in repaired.

No More Paragraph 21

Paragraph 21 has been removed from the MAR contract. So…now, everything is negotiable. Nothing is mandatory.

A Good Home Inspection Reveals All

Every buyer is advised to have a home inspection. Not only is it necessary to discover any items that the buyer would like the seller to repair, but it’s a great idea to for a buyer to get to know their home.

In the home inspection, if you see items that have been modified by someone other than professionals in the field, you can direct your Realtor to negotiate that these systems be inspected by a licensed professional.  Some systems of the home may need a specialist to do a secondary investigation. A general home inspector would not be expected to have expertise on every area in the home. Some examples:

  • Improper installation of plumbing, electrical, or HVAC systems.
  • Plumbing not draining properly,
  • Overtaxed electrical systems.

Once a certified professional inspects the system, your agent can negotiate an appropriate fix.*

It’s important to state here that having a Realtor® who is experienced, proficient and strong in negotiation can make a difference in what you get in the way of repairs from the seller. Experience means a lot, so put your experienced buyer’s agent to work for you.

* These issues are not necessarily applicable in a Distressed Sale or Foreclosure.

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Buyers Home Repair Expectations
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Buyers Home Repair Expectations
Frederick Md Buyer Questions about Home Repair Expectations - what can I expect the seller to repair on their home? It's all spelled out in the Maryland contract of purchase.

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