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Can I Use A Buyer’s Agent When buying A New Home?

Can I Use A Buyer’s Agent When buying A New Home?

Frederick Home Buyer Question:

Can I Use A Buyer’s Agent If I’m Buying a New Construction Home?

As the new home industry is experiencing a healthy come-back recently, we’re hearing buyers ask: “Can I use a buyer’s agent if I buy a new home?” We say yes, and we highly recommend using a buyer’s agent when purchasing new construction. The benefits are many:

Buyer Agency in New Home Sales

Home buyers should understand that the agent on site at a new home model buyers agent new homerepresents the home builder. When it comes to issues a representation, real estate agents either represent the buyer, or the seller. In Maryland this must be disclosed to potential buyers, but it often isn’t explained.

Having a buyer’s agent insures that you have representation, which means your best interests are your agent’s concerns. When dealing directly with the new home salesperson, home buyers are 

For further reading: What is Buyer Agency? 

Buyer’s Agency Agreement – a written agreement between the buyer and the agent, the agent represents the interests of the buyer, and may negotiate on their behalf and has a fiduciary duty to the buyer.


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Most often* in new home construction, the commission paid to any real estate agents involved is built in to the price of the home, and if there is no buyer’s agent, the builder, or their agent keeps the entire amount. Some people mistakenly think not having a buyer’s agent lowers the price of the home for them.

Can I Negotiate With A Builder?

Yes.  In this market, especially, you should expect to.  Another reason to use an experienced buyer’s agent to negotiate for you. Even if the builder has package deals on upgrades, or they have buyer incentives, your buyer’s agent can work on your behalf when it comes to timelines, lot choice or downpayment assistance.

Another benefit of using a buyer’s agent in the purchase of a new house: your agent can do a Comparative Market Analysis. You can be assured that the value of the new house is realistic, compared to the rest of the homes in your market.

One last thought…if you are considering a new home purchase, have you ever thought of using a decorator, or stager to help you choose finishes? That would be a great benefit to help in all the little design decisions that need to be made during the home building process.

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*There are always exceptions, particularly with small builders.
Can I Use A Buyer's Agent When Purchasing A New Home?
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Can I Use A Buyer's Agent When Purchasing A New Home?
Can I Use A Buyer's Agent When Purchasing A New Home? With the increase in new home construction in Frederick Md, home buyers benefit from a buyers agent.
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