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Highlights of neighborhoods and communities in Frederick Md. Homes for sale, average values, and neighborhood amenities.

What are the Best Neighborhoods in Frederick County MD?

What are the Best Neighborhoods in Frederick County MD?

🏘️How Do You Define “Best Neighborhood”?

“What are the best neighborhoods in Frederick County Maryland?” Realtors® get that question often. Today’s home buyers are interested in finding a home in the “right neighborhood”, just as much as they are in finding the right home. What qualifies as the “best neighborhood” is subjective, of course, and not something that another person can quantify, other than the one who is asking the question. Best neighborhoods can include a variety of different criteria, like school districts, home values, access to amenities, distance from employment, robust HOA’s, NO HOA’s, beautiful country surroundings, large lots, small lots, and…you get it, a large number of other things. What is “best” means different things to each homeowner.

But, considerations about neighborhoods are important. We’ve encountered many a homeowner over the years who thought they found their dream home, only to later be dissatisfied with the neighborhood. Unfortunately, many homeowners experience home buyer’s remorse when that happens. Eventually, they start feeling dissatisfied with their home as well. It is important for home buyers to do their research on neighborhoods as well as the homes themselves.

How do you really define “Best” when it comes to neighborhoods, or houses, or towns, areas, or cities for that matter? While it’s impossible to ascertain what makes a “best neighborhood”, it is absolutely possible to do your research and find the neighborhood that is right for you.

🤐Real Estate Agent Advice about Best Neighborhoods

While real estate agents are certainly aware of home values, neighborhood amenities, and market trends, we aren’t in the business of giving advice of this nature. Here are three reasons why a Realtor® cannot give that kind of council:

  • First, because it is completely subjective. One person might think a particular neighborhood is terrible because they don’t like having a strict Homeowner’s Association (HOA), for example. Another person might think that is the most important thing about a neighborhood. All the demographics and statistics in the world can’t clarify those subjective qualities that people are looking for.
  • Secondly, We could be wrong. We are not experts in all things about Frederick living, we are facilitators to a transaction. Our duties are to help buyers and sellers navigate the complicated waters of a Maryland real estate transaction. The last thing that Chris and I want to do is give someone wrong information and let them make a huge decision based on that information.
  • Thirdly, and probably most importantly from a Realtor®’s perspective, it is against Maryland law, and the Realtor® Code of Ethics for us, as agents to make any representations regarding the quality of a neighborhood. This kind of action can be considered a violation of Fair Housing laws, or could be considered “steering”, which is an illegal practice. The Maryland law also reads:

Realtors® shall NOT “advise the public on matters outside the scope of their real estate license”

Even so, what Realtors® can do is direct you to the resources you need to do your own due diligence. With that in mind, one of your best resources is a Google search. You can look for forums and discussion groups, where you can read conversations and ask questions yourself. There are many school rating sites. You’ll find information from the sheriff’s website, and you can always pick up the phone. Here are some other helps in your search for the best neighborhoods in Frederick and surrounding Counties:


🚸Best Neighborhoods in Frederick County for Young Families

Parents with young children usually have some particular wants and needs when it comes to a neighborhood. While schools are certainly an important consideration, there are other items of interest to growing families, like nearby parks and playgrounds, pools and access to athletic teams. Many parents don’t want the responsibility or expense of a pool, but love having one in the neighborhood. For a reasonable HOA fee, families can all the fun amenities. Here’s a list of great communities full of all the goodies children love:

  • Lake Linganore Community is made up of 13 villages. They share four lakes, three swimming pools, an 18-hole golf course, playgrounds, picnic areas, basketball courts, volleyball courts, six tennis courts and three sports fields. (We lived in Lake Linganore for 16 years and raised our 4 children there. We loved it!)
  • Spring Ridge Community has a large pool and club house, stores at the entrance, playgrounds, and Spring Ridge Elementary is within the neighborhood.
  • Whittier Pond is another planned, mixed use community, located off of Christopher Crossing and Yellow Springs Road. There is a pond next to a small commercial district. There are several ball fields throughout the community, with sidewalks and bike paths. The community has three pools. Whittier Elementary School is within the community.
  • The Villages of Urbana and Urbana Highlands are both planned communities about 5 minutes south of Villages of Urbana Neighborhooddowntown Frederick. Like many planned communities, Conveniences include a community center, pools and tennis courts, newly built top-rated schools as well as a new, state-of-the-art public library. The hiking/biking trails, and pedestrian pathways connect several residential villages to one another and to a market district, with convenient access to grocery stores, restaurants, retail stores and businesses.
  • Ballenger Creek is a group of neighborhoods in the city limits which are located close to all kinds of amenities, including parks, restaurants, ball fields, and more. The plus to Ballenger Creek is the location to commuter routes.

🏫Best Neighborhoods by School District in Frederick County

Are you looking for a home in a top ranking school district?  Frederick County has great schools! Our schools have consistently ranked in the top 5 in a variety of categories for as long as Chris and I have lived here.  Not only are great schools important for your child’s development, it’s becoming clear that school rankings have an increasingly significant affect on home values. Here are some resources to help you find great schools in Frederick County:

  • U.S. News put out a recent report of the top 2000 high schools in the country. Urbana, Middletown, Oakdale and Walkersville High Schools all ranked quite high.
  • Great Schools is a non-profit organization that ranks schools on 6 points of data. For more about how this rating is calculated, see their Summary of Ratings.
  • is a website that ranks schools on a variety of criteria. It ranks Urbana High School 14th in the State of Maryland.
  • Another good review site is School Digger.
  • Feeder school information is not guaranteed on any websites, as school boundaries change from year to year. Consult the FCPS Find Your Feeder School Map. Please consult the FCPS website for up-to-date information on Frederick County Public Schools.

🚗Neighborhoods Close to Commuter Routes in Frederick County

The major commuter routes in Frederick are I-70 going east and west, and I 270/15 going north and south. I-15 south takes you to I 340 and Northern Virginia.

  • Commuting south: The neighborhoods in Ballenger Creek, as stated earlier, and Urbana neighborhoods are an easy hop onto I- 270 south.
  • Spring Ridge, Holly Hills and Lake Linganore have quick access to I-70 east.
  • If you’re going north or east, Worman’s Mill, Waterside, and Dearbought have quick access to I-15 north, and somewhat good access to I-70 East.
  • There are several lovely neighborhoods on the northwest side of Frederick, but not so much easy access to commuter routes.
  • We know a lot of people who live in Middletown, Jefferson and Brunswick who don’t mind the commute to southern locations. They all have easy access to the highways.
  • Many downtown residents take the train and find it very easy to get to the station on East Street. There is a train station behind Riverview Plaza, in Frederick, one in Brunswick, MD, and in Point of Rocks, MD.

📈Neighborhoods that Have an Increase in Value in Frederick County

Home prices flattened in 2011 to 2013 and started to increase again in 2014. However, the breakdown of homes that have increased in value has more to do with price ranges than it does neighborhoods. Since the market started recovering in 2014, we’ve seen varying increases in all sectors.

Homes priced in the upper price ranges, which is $750,000 and up, have seen very little increase in value, while homes priced between $200,000 and $400,000 have seen the highest increase. The reason is demand. There is a very slim demand for homes priced in the upper atmosphere.

Several industries have moved out of Frederick County in the last decade, taking a lot of higher paying jobs with them. Unfortunately, industries haven’t moved in at a pace that would replace those jobs…and the demand for those homes. So, we’ve had several years of more homes on the market in the higher price ranges, with less demand for those homes. This has resulted in less, if any appreciation.

On the other hand, demand has been highest in the entry-level home price ranges. Townhouses have been appreciating more than single-family homes, followed by single-family “starter homes”. Of course this is a generalization, with exceptions in different communities and neighborhoods.

💰Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Frederick County

Obviously, the most expensive neighborhoods aren’t necessarily “the best” neighborhoods. Every home buyer can find their “best home” in their budget.

But it sure is fun to look at expensive homes, isn’t it?! Here are the most expensive neighborhoods in Frederick with the most expensive sold price for the previous 18 months:

  • Baker Park, including Baker Park Estates – $1.4 mil.
  • Edinburgh Forest (Ridge Road, Middletown) – $1.1 mil.
  • Gran Mar (near Sugarloaf Mountain) – $1.285 mil.
  • Holly Hills (Ijamsville) – $1.5 mil.
  • Sugarloaf Mountain – $1.65 mil.
  • The Meadows at Sugarloaf – $2.325 mil (see pic below)
  • The Greens (Ijamsville) – $1.1 mil.
  • The Prospect Before Us (Middletown) – $1.2 mil.
  • Tobacco Spring Farm (Knoxville) – $1.15 mil.
  • Valley View Estates (Middletown) – $1.15 mil.
  • Weller Estates (Monrovia) – $1.15 mil.
  • Whiskey Creek Estates (Ijamsville) – $1.375 mil.
Most expensive frederick house
Most highest sold price in 2017 in Frederick County – $2,325,000


Incidentally, according to a well-known appraiser in our area, a killer view can add about 10% to the value of a home. Sometimes more, depending on the rarity of the view and price range of the home. Is it any wonder that some of the most expensive homes sit at the foot of Sugarloaf Mountain, or in the Middletown Valley? Mountain and valley views are often stunning!


💲Demographics in Frederick County

Based on 2016 Demographics from City-Data:

  • The Median Household Income in Frederick County was $67,352 (Maryland = $78,945)
  • Median Family Income was $79,167 (MD = $95,336)
  • Median Household Income was $72,815 (MD = $87,776)
    Based on Multiple List System:
  • Median Overall Value – $313,000
  • Average Single-Family Home – $386,000
  • Avg. Townhouse Home Value – $262,000
  • Avg. Condominium Value – $216,000

⚠️Safe Neighborhoods in Frederick County

This one is non-negotiable for home buyers…everyone wants to live in a safe neighborhood. How do you know if a neighborhood is safe? Unfortunately, as much as we may have opinions to give people, as Realtors®, we can’t give those kinds of recommendations.

There are laws that keep me from making “representations as to the ‘quality’ of a neighborhood”. As well as Maryland laws and Fair Housing laws, paragraph 49 of the Maryland real estate contract keeps me from offering any information regarding criminal activity or presence of registered sex offenders.

Additionally, paragraph 51 keeps me from “making representations” with respect to the following:

  • Water quality
  • State of sewage disposal systems
  • Assessments of public utilities
  • Details of the lot
  • Existing zoning
  • Soil conditions, flood hazard area, covenants, HOA issues…
  • and the list goes on for about 1/3 of the page.

One thing I can and will gladly do…is help you find the answers to your questions. Here are a few good resources:

Surrounding Areas

Neighborhood Research in Frederick County

Sometimes you might not know what you are looking for in a neighborhood. Researching a variety of things can help you narrow down what is important to you. Here are some other great resources for your research:

  • Neighborhood Scout is a useful site for demographic research.
  • Street Advisor – a site dedicated solely to reviews from members. You can dig in to the granular level by using filters.
  • Although TripAdvisor is geared towards travelers, it is very useful to drill down to amenities in a given area.
  • Another site to learn more about restaurants and amenities is Yelp. Read reviews and decide for yourself.
  • City-Data is full of great demographics about just about anything you’d want to know about a city, or a zip code. One of the best features is their forum, where you can ask, answer, and read questions.
  • If walkability is important to you, check out the Walkscore tool.
  • Drive Score is a similar site where you can figure out how your commute will be.


I’n conclusion, there is nothing so valuable as loving where you live. Take the time and research neighborhoods, schools, nearby amenities, and travel routes. Make sure you drive the areas you are interested in when school gets out, when commuter traffic is high, and when people are out and about, enjoying the amenities. There’s nothing like boots on the ground reconnaissance to give you the right information.

If you’d like our “Four-Corners-Tour of the area, don’t hesitate to reach out. email:, call or text:  301-401-5119. We’re happy to show you around our beautiful Central Maryland area!

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How Do I Know if This Neighborhood is Safe?

How Do I Know if This Neighborhood is Safe?

🏘️Neighborhoods Are Important

Today’s home buyers are looking for a lifestyle as well as a house. The neighborhood is a major consideration, especially knowing that the neighborhood is safe. I think I’ve been asked the question about whether a neighborhood is safe more times than I can count.  Unfortunately, as much as we may have opinions to give people, as Realtors®, we can’t give those kinds of recommendations.

There are laws that keep me from making “representations as to the ‘quality’ of a neighborhood”.

Not only that, but paragraph 49 of the Maryland real estate contract keeps me from ascertaining any information regarding criminal activity or presence of registered sex offenders.

Paragraph 51 keeps me from “making representations” with respect to the following:

  • Water quality
  • State of sewage disposal sytems
  • Assessments of public utilities
  • Details of the lot
  • Existing zoning
  • Soil conditions, flood hazard area, covenants, HOA issues…
  • and the list goes on for about 1/3 of the page.

🤓Realtors® Are Experts… of a Sort…

As much as I have opinions about EVERYthing, because I’ve lived in Frederick County for 28 years (but mostly 😉 because I am opinionated) the truth is…I don’t really know.  As a real estate agent, I’m an agent to a transaction, not an expert in all the details of Frederick living. If I make any kind of representation, and I turn out to be wrong, buyers and sellers have made important life decisions based on my wrong information. 😨 The results can be = ruining someone’s financial prospects for a period of time, as well as their well-being.  If this were to happen, at best, people wouldn’t like me much, at worst, I could be sued. 😱

When a real estate agent offers advice on anything outside of the scope of their license, whether it is offering an opinion on the discovery made in a home inspection, or even if it is as simple as which school district the resident attends, they are on dangerous ground. These are items that are not in the expertise of the agent.

The expertise of an agent is this: in the transaction, in the negotiation, in the marketing of homes, and in representing their client’s best interests. Maryland law and the National Association of Realtors® Code of Ethics spells this out clearly:

Realtors® shall NOT “advise the public on matters outside the scope of their real estate license”.

One thing I can and will gladly do…is point you to the sources for the answers to your questions.

Here are a few good ones:

⚠️How Do I Know This Neighborhood is Safe?

Frederick County Sheriff’s Website.  This has some interactive maps that are excellent resources.

Surrounding Areas

📞Pick Up the Phone

You can also call the police department closest to an address you are looking at. Ask them about a neighborhood… it’s their job!

Once (15 years ago or more) Chris was showing a beautiful home to a buyer…newly renovated to-the-nines! The buyer noticed the back fence had barbed wire along the top and asked about it. We not only had no idea, we couldn’t account for it, so we gave them the number of the nearest police station. The next day they reported to us all the gory details of drug sales in the alley behind the home. Buyers MUST do their due diligence! (and needless to say…they kept looking.)

🚸Frederick Schools are Tops!

School districts definitely have an impact on home values. We’ve known for years that good school districts attract young families with children. However, recent studies show much more to the story.

According to a recent study, homes in the best school districts, on average, sell for higher prices than similar homes in less-popular school districts. There is a correlation suggesting that more affluent people buy in the best school districts. It would certainly seem that good schools affect home values, even probably that they protect home values.

If you’re researching Frederick schools:

Additional Reading: Top Ranking Frederick County High Schools



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Homes For Sale in Whiskey Creek Estates

Homes For Sale in Whiskey Creek Estates

Homes for Sale in Whiskey Creek Estates

Whiskey Creek Estates is a Golf Community which boasts a beautiful, well-known golf course that has hosted golf pros, statesmen, as well as local golf lovers. There are roughly two dozen luxury homes in the community, with a distinctive French Country style. Residents enjoy their own slice of Pebble Beach right here in Frederick County. Homes for sale in Whiskey Creek Estates is updated several times a day.

The Whiskey Creek Golf Club provides a beautiful setting, PGA professional staff, full-service kitchen and professional assistance with tournament planning. They provide golf instruction and camps and clinics, parties and banquets, and a superb clubhouse. Like Whiskey Creek Golf Club on Facebook.

Whiskey Creek Real Estate


Search Whiskey Creek and Ijamsville

Use our Advanced Map Search

Whiskey Creek boasts custom-built estate homes on 2 to 5 acre lots with luxury features, surrounded by the beautiful 18 hole golf course. Whiskey Creek Golf Club | 4804 Whiskey Court | Ijamsville, MD 21754

The one available building lot will allow the opportunity to build your dream home in exquisite whiskey creek estates-a premier golf course community. Beautiful private wooded lots are surrounded by wooded common grounds that won’t be built on-for the ultimate in privacy! Most lots overlook streams or creeks and the golf course.

Homes for Sale:

Sorry, but we couldn't find any results in the MLS that match the specified search criteria.

(if the above inset is null there are currently no homes for sale in Whiskey Creek Estates. Please use the above advanced search for homes for sale in Ijamsville.)

Residents in Whiskey Creek Estates enjoy all the great amenities of a golf community, as well as a small enclave of friendly neighbors and camaraderie, according to a client of ours who lives in Whiskey Creek. Many Whiskey Creek families enjoy social events and golf together, as well as school functions.

About Whiskey Creek

The Clubhouse has the style of a secluded lodge with shaker roof, with a wrap-around porch. The views from the clubhouse are beautiful, with the mountains to the west in full view. Whiskey Creek Golf Course is a favorite of many, read the Yelp Reviews, and Golf Advisor.

Local History

Whiskey Creek was the site of moon-shiners back in the day, with small distilleries scattered throughout the wooded countryside, using Bush Creek as their water supply. Along with the beautiful views and lovely setting, Whiskey Creek is minutes from Urbana and ten minutes from Frederick.

Learn more about Frederick Real Estate  or  Contact Chris Highland for more information about Whiskey Creek Estates.

All About Braddock Heights Neighborhood

All About Braddock Heights Neighborhood

Braddock Heights Neighborhood

Braddock Heights is located west of the Frederick city limits, south of I-70. Turn left on Maryland Avenue off of Alternate route 40…the Neighborhood extends along the ridge of the hill, through Jefferson Blvd. It is a small community with beautiful views of Frederick and the Middletown Valley. Braddock Heights is part of the Middletown School District.

Braddock Heights Neighborhood Statistics and Demographics



Homes for Sale in Braddock Heights

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Search results for homes for sale in Braddock Heights neighborhood, Zip codes 21714 and 21703, a Frederick Md Community, listings are updated daily:

Sorry, but we couldn't find any results in the MLS that match the specified search criteria.


Braddock Heights Real Estate Data

The population: c. 2600

Estimated median house value in 2016: $371,000. The eclectic range of architecture, dates of construction, and customized styles of homes in the neighborhood make averages a bit meaningless.



Local Folklore: Fun Trivia

Braddock Heights is the home of the fabled “Snallygaster”, in German: “quick spirit”, a half-bird-half-reptile creature supposedly responsible for the dissapearance of livestock in the Middletown Valley since the mid-18th Century. Evidently, a missing resident was also blamed on the Snallygaster throughout the years. The Frederick area was settled by Germans, and their folklore can still be heard. We can see seven-pointed stars painted on some local barns, symbols to keep the monster at bay.

You can read all about it in Patrick Boyton’s book: Snallygaster: the Lost Legend of Frederick County

Braddock Heights History

Named for General Edward Braddock from the days of the French and Indian Wars, a lot of history surrounds Braddock Heights. It was the site of a major battle during the Civil War. The view of the City of Frederick from Old Braddock inspired Oliver Wendell Holmes to write about the “clustered spires” in his journal in 1862, and his friend John Greenleaf Whittier popularized the term in his famous poem about Barbara Fritchie.

Braddock Heights was founded in 1896 as a winter resort community, one of the first modern planned communities in the country. It grew to include several hotels, a pool, an amusement park, wooden skating rink (which was the nation’s oldest until it burned down in 1998…I  used to take my kids there:) Until 1980 there was a small ski resort.

Railroad service between Frederick and Braddock Heights started in 1896. Service from Braddock to Jefferson Md was added in 1906, bringing hotel guests and vacationers, and continued until 1940 and 1946.

The Braddock Heights Historic Society has a website and newsletter, their mission is to preserve the history of the area. You can see old photos and submit any that you have.

Braddock Becomes a Permanent Neighborhood

Braddock Heights neighborhood
The Braddock Heights Pool is a Membership only pool

After World War II, Braddock Heights became more of a community with permanent residents, as opposed to a vacation resort.  There is a Braddock Heights Community Association which holds events at the local Park. (like the Braddock Heights Community Association of Facebook for the latest information) Originally Camp Schley Inn, the local restaurant The Braddock Inn is still in operation, one of the remaining historic places.

Memberships to the pool are available, check the Association website or hours and swimming lessons. The swim team is called “the Barracudas”.

You see homes that are very eclectic and unique, with varying architectural styles, reflecting how the community grew over the years. There are a number of Victorians and Arts & Craft homes, as well as contemporary homes, all custom built and different. As a result, it’s not the neighborhood to find a tract home.


Ten Things To Do In The Historic District, Downtown Frederick Md

Ten Things To Do In The Historic District, Downtown Frederick Md

If you are visiting Frederick and want to make the most of your day, the Historic District in Downtown Frederick will make a great destination with lots of interesting things to do.  Make sure you have your camera! Even if you’re a local, you might find something new on my list. Here are 10 things to do in the Historic District in downtown Frederick Md:

🌉 1.   Spend some time at the Community Bridge.

This bridge mural was painted by artist William Cochran and a crew of local artists and residents. There is a sign with a Key to the many murals painted on the bridge on the creek level, next to the Delaplaine Art Center. The images were sent in from residents as well as former residents who lived elsewhere. They are reflections of what it means to live in Frederick County.

There are several other murals in downtown Frederick painted under the direction of William Cochran. The series is called “Angels in the Architecture”. Frederick has been named one of America’s 12 “Prettiest Painted Places”, selected from nearly 200 nominees.


🚎 2.   Take a historic Frederick carriage ride, or a trolley ride. 🚃

You can see the Historic District from the comfort of an open-air horse-drawn carriage during special event days in the winter. On the first Saturday of the month during warm weather, the trolley is usually running and it makes a great scenic trip through the Historic District. One of our local historians is on board to share some historic tidbits.

🖼 3. Visit one or several Art Galleries.

Just a few:  The Delaplaine Art Center, New Vision Gallery, Gallery – 322, Tag/the Artists Gallery, Gallery Wear, McGuire Fine ArtsTomandy Art Center, Gallery 505 North, and many more. The downtown shopping district has may eclectic and one-of-a-kind galleries and stores. Over the last decade, Frederick has become an artist enclave.

Frederick Arts FestivalDuring the first weekend in June, the Frederick Art Festival draws more than 100 artists and craftspeople from all over the region. The entire month of June is devoted to the arts, with Plein Air painters painting throughout the city and around the county.

You won’t want to miss the Barnstorming Tour that takes place in June throughout the county. The Frederick County Landmarks Foundation organizes the tour of several barns every year. Docents are available at each barn to offer historic details. Artists are set up at each barn, painting scenes from the barns during the tour. The finished artwork and more can be purchased. It’s a beautiful way to combine Frederick County history, the arts and the lovely countryside of our county.

search for homes in Frederick

🖼 4.   A serious shopper’s paradise.

You could spend days shopping in the Historic District of Frederick. There are over 80 specialties, gift, clothing and toy stores. Bookstores, tea shops, florists, specialty foods…you name it, you’ll find something that’s just right for everyone on your gift list.

Visit the downtown Frederick Farmer’s Markets on Thursday afternoons, or Saturday mornings between May and October. Find a Frederick County farmers market near you.

🍜 5.  Eat Your Heart Out.

Seriously, the Historic District has some of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to. You can find great food for any budget, with a nod to every part of the globe…Asian, Mediterranean, Indian, Persian, Italian, Cuban, Organic, Fusion, and American…bakeries, fudge, and chocolate…you name it. All of the restaurants in downtown are one-of-a-kind and top notch. The only chain you’ll find is Starbucks, and who can go anywhere and not see a Starbucks?! Check out Downtown Frederick Partnership’s website for an exhaustive list of our fabulous restaurants.

If you just can’t decide, then you can sign up for a tour with Taste Frederick Food Tour. Get a bit of the taste of Frederick along with a bit of our history. And speaking of tours, there are historic walking tours, ghost tours, and several group tours:

🎫 6. Take a self-guided walking tour of the Historic District. downtown frederick md

Visit the Frederick Historical Society at 24 East Church Street for information, or the Visitor Center at 151 East Street. (301) 600-4047. You can also download the iTour Frederick App. It’s in the Google play store, Apple store and on Amazon for free.

💇 7.  Get a Spa Treatment or a Great Haircut.  

There are an abundance of places to pamper your inner diva in downtown Frederick:

Verbena Day SpaThe Temple – Paul Mitchell Salon School, Studio She, Structures Salon, Sam Wong Salon, Natural Fusion Hair Studio, Daisy’s Salon and Body BoutiqueSix East Hair Salon & Spa, Neutre Aveda Salon & Spa, 101 S Market St, Belleza Hair & Nail Studio, and for the youngest diva’s…Princess Day Spa and Boutique.


Featured Listing in Historic District

pictures of 235-A Church Street


🎭 8.  See a show in our growing Theatre District:

See a variety of plays, shows or movies at the Weinberg. The Weinberg is a historic theater where you can see old-time movies, theatrical and musical performances and plays. The Weinberg’s renovation has returned the historic theater to it’s former glory. See a play at Way off Broadway Theater, or the Maryland Ensemble Theater, or any of several theater groups in Frederick.


historic frederick md🕰 9.  Shop for Antiques.

There are dozens of antique shops and Malls in Frederick, including Emporium Antiques, Cannon Hill Place, Carroll Creek Classics, Country Shabby Chic, Fabulous Finds, Great Stuff by Paul, Map Man, Vintage Revival, Tuscany Designs, Repurposed & Refined, and more.


📚 10. Visit one of our historic treasures.

like the Civil War Medicine Museum. Frederick was a key location during the Civil War when most of the Frederick churches became hospitals for wounded soldiers. Visit the Museum of Frederick County History at 24 E. Church Street.

There are many seasonal events to see the sights in Frederick: Museums by Candlelight and the Tour of Historic Churches are fun during December. Bell and History Day takes place the first weekend in April. There are a number of Oktoberfest activities as well.

There are several historic places in Frederick County, some highlights: The Shifferstadt, the oldest dwelling in Frederick, the Museum of Frederick County, Rose Hill Manor, Barbara Fritchie House, Bjorlee Museum, Hessian Barracks,  and more. Visit these websites to see more Frederick history:

If you’re moving to Frederick Maryland, give us a call, we’re glad to show you around! Chris & Karen Highland      301-401-5119

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Homes For Sale in The Historic District Frederick Maryland

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Maxwell Place Condominiums in Frederick Md

Maxwell Place Condominiums in Frederick Md

Maxwell Place Condominiums

Maxwell Place Condominiums in Frederick Md, in the historic District, have a beautiful view of Carroll Creek Promenade. There are 68-units in the building with the unique feature of 196 parking spaces in the center, surrounded by the luxury condominiums.

Maxwell Place Condominiums
The view from Maxwell Place Condominium

There are 23 different floor plans built by K-Hovnanian Builders. The condos were completed in 2006, with the grand opening of the Carroll Creek Linear Park.

Clagett Management, 7540 North Market Street manages the condominiums. 301-695-6676.

Maxwell Place Condominiums in Frederick Md

K. Hovnanian builders used much of the original red brick from the previous historic bus station on the exterior of the condominiums.

With the location right on the Carroll Creek Park, Maxwell residents enjoy living in the center of downtown Frederick. Commuter routes and mass transit are nearby, as well as all the great Historic District amenities. Downtown Frederick life includes fabulous restaurants, beautiful historic architecture, specialty shops, art galleries, theater district and a lovely, walkable small city.

Frederick Historic DistrictCommunity events like First Saturday, Music on the Creek, Movies on the Creek, Alive at Five…and more, offer a vibrant atmosphere in downtown Frederick. Residents enjoy live music at the nearby Carroll Creek Amphitheater during the many festivals and celebrations in downtown Frederick, or closed windows will completely shut off the creek life, if that’s the choice.

There is a growing Theater District in Frederick, with several local companies and venues: The Weinberg Center brings in celebrated national acts as well as local talent. The MET, Maryland Ensemble Theatre, has productions year-round, as well as the Fredericktowne Players, Other Voices Theater, Way-Off Broadway, Frederick Live!, and many more.

Condominiums for Sale in Maxwell Place

Sorry, but we couldn't find any results in the MLS that match the specified search criteria.

(if this inset is null, there are currently no condos for sale in Maxwell Place. Please use our advanced search below for condominiums in the City of Frederick.)

search downtown Frederick Condominiums

Sell Your Frederick Home: What is my Frederick Condominium Worth?

Around Maxwell Place Condominiums in Frederick MD

Maxwell Place Condominiums are located near the Delaplaine Visual Arts Center, the Community Bridge, and across from the South Market Way Center. You’ll find several restaurants: Hinode, Doner Bistro, and my favorite, The Wine Kitchen. One block away is Market Street, and Patrick Street, the two main streets in downtown Frederick, with more great shopping and restaurants.

Search for Downtown Frederick Condominiums

There are several other condominium communities in downtown Frederick. Pythian Castle, located on Court Street, is an older building that is currently being renovated into seven luxury condominiums. Beautiful historic archictecture, with all the best features: wood floors, quarts kitchen counters, stainless-steel appliances, exposed brick walls and a community elevator and fitness room, and more.

Maxwell Square Townhouse Condominiums

Similar name, different home, neighborhood and location. The Towns at Maxwell Square is a brand new community, located on E. 5th Street, 6 blocks north of Maxwell Place Condominiums. Learn more about the Towns at Maxwell Square, or see current homes for sale:

Sorry, but we couldn't find any results in the MLS that match the specified search criteria.

There are luxury condos at Creekside Plaza, Mercer Court (by Baker Park) and Lafayette Square and Market Square, as well as several small condominium buildings that have been converted from some of the grand historic homes in the Historic District. Contact Chris Highland for a tour of downtown Frederick Condominiums.

Enjoy our video: A Day in Downtown Frederick:

The Community Bridge

The Community Bridge, or Painted Bridge, a faux-painted concrete bridge on Carroll Creek stands just outside of the condominium units. Several years ago, a group of artists, lead by William Cochran, painted the bridge with hundreds of symbols. Interestingly, the symbols were “crowd-sourced” from Frederick County residents, and even from past residents living in other parts of the country. A sign with a key to the symbols stands on the east side of the bridge.

Maxwell Place Condominiums in Frederick Md

community Bridge frederick md

community bridge frederick md

community bridge frederick md



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Contact The Highland Group for a personal tour of downtown Frederick Living. Frederick Historic District Real Estate Agent. 301-401-5119

Lake Linganore Community Homes for Sale

Lake Linganore Community Homes for Sale

Lake Linganore Community Real Estate

Lake Linganore at Eaglehead is Maryland’s largest privately owned lake community. Frederick County’s first Planned Unit Development (PUD), Lake Linganore is community of villages centered around a system of lakes: Lake Linganore, 250 acre-lake, Lake Anita Louise, Lake Merle, and Lake Marion. Linganore Creek forms Lake Linganore at the Linganore Dam, at Eaglehead Drive. The creek runs from the dam, into the Monocacy River. Lake Linganore Homes for Sale is updated daily. Lake Linganore Community

The community was platted in 1968, and was originally designed to be a vacation community. The Brosius brothers, Bill and Lou, designed “new town” with Lake Linganore as the centerpiece. As the community grew, more permanent homeowners bought homes and the community became one of the affordable places to build a new home as early as the 80’s.

Use our Advanced Search to see Homes for Sale in Lake Linganore with neighborhood statistics and demographics

Find out what your Lake Linganore home is worth

Lake Linganore Homes for Sale

Follow this link for more homes for sale in the Villages of Lake Linganore at Eaglehead:

  1. 4 beds, 4 baths
    Home size: 2,385 sq ft
    Lot size: 1,742 sqft
    Year built: 2003
    Listing provided by Stacy Allwein, Century 21 Redwood Realty
  2. 4 beds, 4 baths
    Home size: 2,796 sq ft
    Lot size: 7,840 sqft
    Year built: 1993
    Listing provided by Kay Riddle, New Solutions Realty
  3. 3 beds, 3 baths
    Home size: 2,256 sq ft
    Lot size: 12,196 sqft
    Year built: 1992
    Listing provided by Rose Bartz, Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc.
  4. 4 beds, 4 baths
    Home size: 2,324 sq ft
    Lot size: 10,890 sqft
    Year built: 1991
    Listing provided by Valerie Vinson, RE/MAX Plus
  5. 3 beds, 2 baths
    Home size: 1,316 sq ft
    Lot size: 10,454 sqft
    Year built: 1993
    Listing provided by Jill Coleman, RE/MAX Realty Centre, Inc.
  6. 3 beds, 3 baths
    Home size: 1,563 sq ft
    Lot size: 6,969 sqft
    Year built: 1990
    Listing provided by Stacy Allwein, Century 21 Redwood Realty
  7. 4 beds, 4 baths
    Home size: 2,288 sq ft
    Lot size: 7,840 sqft
    Year built: 1993
    Listing provided by Carolyn Young, RE/MAX 1st Realty
  8. 4 beds, 3 baths
    Home size: 2,958 sq ft
    Lot size: 10,018 sqft
    Year built: 1993
    Listing provided by Stacy Allwein, Century 21 Redwood Realty

See all Homes for Sale in Lake Linganore.
(all data current as of 11/17/2018)

Listing information deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Read full disclaimer.


The Highland family lived in Lake Linganore for 16 years, and raised our 3 boys and daughter (for the most part) there. We lived in Pinehurst Village in a custom cape cod single-family home (before moving into the City of Frederick). Our kids loved the life in Lake Linganore! They loved to tromp through the woods and explore the Indian Caves. We went swimming several times a week throughout the summers and enjoyed the lakes and beaches. Lake Linganore is a beautiful place for kids (and Labrador retrievers) to grow up.

The Villages at Lake Linganore

There are 13 Villages in Lake Linganore at Eaglehead:

  • Summerfield is located off of Boyers Mill Road, with single-family homes and townhomes. Summerfield pool is at the entrance to the village. Deer Crossing Elementary is located near the entrance to the village.
  • Pinehurst is located near Lake Anita Louise, with single-family homes and two townhouse neighborhoods.
  • Lake Anita Louise lies between Anita Louise and Lake Linganore, with single-family homes. Both Pinehurst and Anita Louise have lakefront homes and wooded neighborhoods.
  • Westwinds is the furthest east, close to route 75, surrounding Westwinds Golf Course, and Westwinds Golf Club, as well as a swimming pool and indoor tennis courts. The Villas at Westwinds within the community.
  • Nightingale is a small single-family village off of Boyers Mill Road, along Lake Linganore, with Nightingale Beach along the shore.
  • Coldstream, one of the oldest villages, is located on Lake Linganore, with the Coldstream Beach access and the Lake Linganore Esplanade. Coldstream has single-family homes, many with modern lake architecture, cottage style, as well as Colonial homes. Coldstream pool and community center (with association office) is located at the entrance to the Village.
  • Nearby North Shore Village lies next to the lake and you’ll find single-family homes and townhouses built by Jay & Associates.
  • Balmoral is a community of single-family homes on the other side of Coldstream, leading to the Meadows,
  • The Meadows, single-family homes which lie adjacent to Lake Merle.
  • Further beyond Coldstream is Audubon Terrace, you’ll find condominiums and townhouse villas.
  • The Village of Aspen has upscale single-family homes with construction requirements that make the median price about $500,000.
  • The brand new subdivision of Aspen North has just begun (2016) with two model homes open for tour.
  • At the end of Aspen is a small village called The Point, which overlooks the Linganore Dam and Lake Marion.
  • To the west of Lake Marion is Woodridge, with a small area of Frank Loyd Wright inspired homes, and a large section of traditional single-family homes.
  • There are seven areas of proposed future development, which will mean other villages with distinct styles and character, as well as additions to the current villages.

Lake Linganore Quarterly Market Trends Report

Living in A State Park

Lake Linganore
Tailwinds Over Frederick flying over Lake Linganore

The Villages at Lake Linganore are designed for the nature-lover, with homes that fit into the surrounding landscape, views of woods and lakes, and amenities to take advantage of those surroundings: the Linganore Trail system, over 30 miles of paths and nature trails, boat ramp and boat racks to explore the four lakes in canoes, kayaks and electric-powered boats, enjoy fishing, and three sand beaches. photo credit to: Forsaken Fotos on flickr

Lake Linganore Amenities

Other amenities include: three swimming pools, an 19-hole golf course, playgrounds, picnic areas, basketball courts, volleyball courts, six tennis courts and three sports fields. In the warm weather times residents enjoy a farmer’s market, live music and an outdoor craft and small vendor market.

The community exists on 3700+ acres of land, with 850 acres of open land. Find out more about Lake Linganore at the (LLA) association website. There are several committees, clubs and groups that residents can be involved in, and the website is a great way to stay up with the latest Lake Linganore News.

Schools Serving the Villages of Lake Linganore


Schools in Frederick County Public School District     Great Schools Ratings
Oakdale Elementary School Public 9
New Market Elementary School Public 10
Deer Crossing Elementary School Public 9
Middle Schools
Oakdale Middle School Public 10
New Market Middle School Public 9
High Schools
Linganore High School Public 7
Oakdale High School Public 9


Deer Crossing Elementary School is the location of Deer Crossing Recreation facility, where many county recreation activities are held.


Native American History

Linganore is home to the mysterious Indian Caves. It is said that “Linganore” gets its name after an Indian chief that once lived on Linganore Creek. Folklore states that this chief lost a left ear during a battle and German settlers referred to him using the German terms ‘linke’ (left) and ‘ohr’ (ear.) Tradition states that “Chief Linganore” was a member of the Susquehanna Indian tribe and died in 1765.

Indian tribes have lived or hunted in Frederick County for 12,000 years, but in more recent history it is thought that primarily the Susquehanna tribe encamped in and around Linganore Creek. In the early 1700s hunting parties would come down from Pennsylvania to camp near Linganore Creek while they hunted game to feed their tribe.

A 600-foot long rock-and-earth-fill dam impounds a 204-acre body of water known as Lake Linganore, named for the larger of the two creeks that feed the lake. Brosius Rock, the boulder located at the corner entrance of the earthen dam, has a carved inscription that dedicates the dam—the Brosius Dam— to J. William Brosius, the father of Eaglehead’s original developers. Incorporated into the design of the Brosius Dam are 11 fountains along the northern wing of the dam area



Lake Linganore Waterways

A 600-foot long rock-and-earth-fill dam forms Lake Linganore. Brosius Rock, the boulder located at the corner entrance of the earthen dam, has a carved inscription that dedicates the dam—the Brosius Dam— to J. William Brosius, the father of Bill and Lou Brosius. Incorporated into the design of the Brosius Dam are 11 fountains along the northern wing of the dam area.


More pictures of Lake Linganore:

Lake Linganore Fishing

photo credit to: Mike Kegley on flickr

Lake Linganore

photo credit to: Lee Morley on flickr

Beach at Lake Linganore

my photo…where we had Chris’s 30th birthday party:) Lake Linganore Homes for Sale is updated daily. Contact Chris Highland to tour homes for sale in Lake Linganore:

Towns at Maxwell Square in Historic Frederick Md

Towns at Maxwell Square in Historic Frederick Md

Maxwell Square Townhouses

The Maxwell Square townhouse development on 5th Street in historic downtown Frederick has been sitting motionless since c. 2007, when the real estate market came to a screeching halt, including new homes. In 2013, Comstock Homes purchased the remainder of the development, which then consisted of only the homes built on 5th Street.

This summer, construction has resumed, and two of the remaining six townhouse sections are almost completed. See the following photo slide:

Towns at Maxwell Square in Historic Frederick Md

The Towns at Maxwell Square, a townhouse development of 49 units, has two models, The George and The Frederick, with 2400 square feet, starting in the high-300’s. Both models are 4 stories with 3 or 4 bedrooms, 2 full and one or 2 half baths. The 4th floor is a spacious loft.

When the homes were first planned, the original builder had 42 floor plans approved by the Historic Commission. The plans had numerous bedroom configurations, some had an elevator, some had a first floor 2-car garage.

The kitchens are well-appointed with a Chef-Inspired luxury package, granite counters, designer cabinets, upgraded appliance package and many other deluxe features. Balconies, hardwoods and open floor plans are just a few of the charms.

The master bedroom is equipped with walk-in closet and luxurious master bath. Luxury and modern amenities with the historic feel and look.

The Federal style architecture fits in perfectly in the historic downtown Frederick neighborhoods. Brick and siding exteriors for easy maintenance, as well as landscaped common areas that are kept within a Condominium association structure.

Enjoy the Comstock video tour of Frederick:

A Little Back-Story

The story of this community seems is just short of a saga. After much negotiation with the Historical Society the original developer, the Churchhill Group, managed to tear down all but 3 of the existing homes on the block, located at 30 East 5th Street, Frederick.  They built the units on 5th street, and renovated the 3 existing homes. Then the real estate market went south in 2007.

The original designers managed to create a style on the inside that is modern yet reminiscent of the Federal style in its details.  They have 49 lots total. Now Comstock is continuing with two sections almost completed.

The development has earned the EPA’s Energy Star label.   This means they are significantly more efficient than a standard home, at least 30 percent more efficient than the national Model Energy Code and 15% more efficient than the state energy code, whichever is more rigorous.


Search for Homes in Downtown Frederick Md

Downtown Frederick Real Estate Trends


Call us for a personal tour of the Towns at Maxwell Square.

Learn more about

Homes For Sale in The Historic District Frederick Maryland

Sell my Downtown Frederick Home: What’s my home worth?


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Homes for Sale in Spring Ridge Frederick Md

Homes for Sale in Spring Ridge Frederick Md

Spring Ridge Homes for Sale

Spring Ridge is a planned community in Frederick Maryland, located east of the City in the 21701 zip code. Spring Ridge is a community built by Kettler Forlines, Ryan Homes, and  NV Homes, featuring single-family homes, townhouses, condominiums and a senior apartment center, for 62+ active adults, and covers about 650 acres. Most of the homes were built in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Listings on this page for Homes for Sale in Spring Ridge are updated daily.

Spring Ridge is convenient to Washington D.C. and Baltimore, and Montgomery County, located within easy distance via I-270 or I-70.

  • Bordered on the East by Meadow Road
  • West: Monocacy River
  • North: Linganore Creek and Lake Linganore
  • South: Route 144, Old National Pike

Homes for Sale in Spring Ridge Frederick Md

Search results for homes for sale in Spring Ridge in Frederick zip code 21701. Listings are updated daily, so please check back or sign up for our convenient email notifications. Here are a sampling, click the link to see more:

  1. 4 beds, 4 baths
    Home size: 2,226 sq ft
    Lot size: 4,356 sqft
    Year built: 1998
    Listing provided by Kristin Beck, Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc.
  2. 4 beds, 4 baths
    Home size: 4,960 sq ft
    Lot size: 11,325 sqft
    Year built: 2000
    Listing provided by Mary Jane Neubeiser, Becraft Realty
  3. 3 beds, 3 baths
    Home size: 2,124 sq ft
    Lot size: 2,613 sqft
    Year built: 1994
    Listing provided by Chris Centineo, Frederick Real Estate Group, LLC
  4. 4 beds, 4 baths
    Home size: 2,080 sq ft
    Lot size: 1,742 sqft
    Year built: 1997
    Listing provided by Christine Reeder, Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc.
  5. 4 beds, 3 baths
    Home size: 2,318 sq ft
    Lot size: 6,098 sqft
    Year built: 1998
    Listing provided by James Bass, Real Estate Teams, LLC

See all Real estate in the Spring Ridge tract.
(all data current as of 11/17/2018)

Listing information deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Read full disclaimer.

Use our Advanced Search to see Spring Ridge Real Estate

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See Spring Ridge Real Estate Market Trends


Enjoy our Spring Ridge Neighborhood video:

The central gathering point of the community is the pool and community center. The local swim team, the Sharks, meets at the pool.

Spring Ridge Community Schools

A portion of Spring Ridge students attend the Governor Thomas Johnson High School feeder schools, a portion attend Oakdale High School feeder system. Consult the Frederick County Public School website for details.

Spring Ridge Elementary School is in the neighborhood, within an easy walk. Nearby schools are Oakdale Elementary, Gov. Thomas Johnson Middle School, and Oakdale High School.

Spring Ridge Amenities:

The master association, Spring Ridge Conservancy, has clubs and committees that keep the amenities running. Residents enjoy a community facility with 4 pools, 3 tennis courts, soccer field, playgrounds, basketball courts, and 200 acres of open space.

The Spring Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary includes a 1.4 mile path along the creek, with 38 acres of meadows and woodlands, a haven for wildlife and plants. Parks nearby include Pinecliff Community Park and the Monocacy River.

See Spring Ridge HOA website for more information.

Spring Ridge Market District

Spring Ridge has a market district at the main entrance to the community which includes every convenience for home owners. Currently, there is a beer & wine store, a restaurant, gas station, and fire station, with a Weis Grocery store and more specialty shops.

Spring Ridge Community has a professional park with various medical professionals, dental services, financial services and more.


Spring Ridge Real Estate Information

The community consists of 820 single-family homes, 570 townhomes, and 22 condominium buildings with over 300 condominiums. There are 4 sub-associations to govern the condominiums. The majority of homes are Colonial style with traditional floor plans. Spring Ridge is one of the earlier planned unit developments (PUD) in Frederick Md.



Contact Chris Highland Spring Ridge REALTOR for more information on Spring Ridge Community Real Estate. 301-401-5119.

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