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Coming Up: The Annual Frederick Chamber of Commerce Expo

Coming Up: The Annual Frederick Chamber of Commerce Expo

Frederick Chamber of Commerce Expo 2017

The Annual Chamber Expo is coming up on Wednesday, October 25, 2017, from 9:00 AM To 4:00 PM. The largest Chamber event of the year, and in fact, the largest business event in Frederick County, is held at Frederick Indoor Sports Center,  1845 Brookfield Court, Frederick, MD.


Why Exhibit the Chamber of Commerce Expo?

There are over 130 exhibitors according to the last Chamber update. If you are a business owner in or near Frederick County, there are numerous reasons to be an exhibitor, all listed on the Frederick Chamber Website. Some of the most compelling:

  • Exposure for your business or company; Over 1000 people are expected to attend this year
  • You can make new connections with other businesses as well as with the public
  • You can reach a target audience with your message
  • Inspiration; Check out what other companies are doing regarding marketing, business development and growth
  • Professional Development; There are several sessions on various topics throughout the day


Why Attend the Chamber of Commerce Expo?

I’m actually more interested in this question. It might not be the ideal fit for me to exhibit, like many (very) small business owners and professionals. Nevertheless, attendance really does interest me…for many of the above reasons. Here’s some of the value that I am considering:

  • Marketing Ideas. Everyone markets. Whether they are marketing their business, products, ideas, services, or even themselves, we are all making efforts to communicate our message. I’m looking forward to some inspiration and fresh ideas (even perhaps some bad ideas to illustrate “What Not to Do”) when it comes to marketing.
  • Making Connections. As a real estate agent, my clients are a very large segment of the Frederick population. A lot of homeowners and would-be homeowners are in my target market. Homeowners have lots of interests and needs. I love being the trusted adviser who connects a homeowner with someone who has a solution to their need. I’m sure I’ll meet a few people and businesses here.
  • Building Relationships. Vice-versa, business owners know people in my target audience. They can connect people to me, if they know me and the value that I can bring.
  • Finding New Businesses. I’m counting on finding a business I didn’t know about before. I might find a business I need, or I might find a business I can refer or use in the future.
  • Networking. You just never know who you’re going to meet.
  • It’s free.

Being a Resourceful Professional

Whatever business you are in, whether you own the company, partner in the company, or work for the company, becoming a resourceful person sets you apart in your professional world. I’m finding that when I come to any situation with resources, I become part of the solution. People appreciate someone who brings them solutions, rather than someone who shrugs their shoulders because…”well, it’s really not my problem, and it’s not going to bring me business.”Resourceful real estate agent

Moreover, in my business world, I want to be remembered. I want to be top of mind when someone is asked for, or is looking for a Realtor. I want to be the person who brings value wherever I am, whether it directly brings me business or not. But in 2017 and into the future, I’m pretty sure that it will bring me business in the long run.

I found this article enlightening:  3 Highly Effective Ways of Becoming a Resourceful Employee  Enjoy!

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Why attend the Frederick Chamber of Commerce Expo 2017?
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Why attend the Frederick Chamber of Commerce Expo 2017?
The Annual Chamber Expo is coming up on Wednesday, October 25, 2017, from 9:00 AM TO 4:00 PM. Why should people attend? I've got some reasons...
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