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eXp Realty Maryland

eXp Realty Maryland

About eXp Realty

eXp Realty is “the agent-owned cloud brokerage®”, an international publicly-traded real estate company with brokerages currently in over 49 states and Canada.

Buyers and Sellers

eXp Realty offers an experience to today’s buyers and sellers which is in tune with today’s real estate environment. Buyers and Sellers of real estate are armed with more knowledge than ever before. While today’s buyers and sellers have narrowed the information gap, the home buying and selling process itself remains unfamiliar and oftentimes very emotional for many. It is also more complicated than ever, with more paperwork than ever before.

So why look to a real estate agent for help? Real estate agents help navigate the process, give insight into properties and lend a comparative perspective. They provide local market expertise, as many have lived in the area most of their lives. Perhaps most importantly, they help negotiate and advocate on the buyer’s or seller’s behalf.

With the complexity and implications of any real estate buying or selling decision, wouldn’t you like to have a trusted professional who is committed to and passionate about your goals?

eXp Realty Mission

We’re on a mission. Our entire company is focused on helping good things happen for other people. Positivity is simply part of our culture and why we love helping people find homes.

The eXp Realty Way

We do business in an up front and honest way. And don’t we all just want to be treated right, anyhow? You will find things are pleasantly different at eXp Realty.

Real Estate Agents

eXp Realty is a full-service residential real estate brokerage providing 24/7 access to collaborative tools, training, and socialization for real estate brokers and agents through its 3-D, fully-immersive, cloud office environment.

What Makes eXp Realty Different?

The Cloud Office

Agents and brokers work, attend classes, strategize, collaborate, innovate, enjoy water-cooler chats, build teams, build unity and share experiences…all inside of our Cloud Office Environment.


Through the immersive technology of the cloud office, which, incidentally, uses Unity 3D as it’s underlying platform, the same technology used by Pokemon GO, agents take part in a plethora of resources. In the cloud environment, meetings can take place with agents from all over the country, as people enter the cloud campus in the form of an “avitar” and interact with each other.

Education and Collaboration

There are over 20 hours of educational opportunities each week in the RE Tech Campus, covering all aspects of real estate business. These classes often have some of the best and brightest from all over the country, as physical location is not an obstacle. Brad Andersohn, former education director for Zillow, heads up RE Tech Campus and oversees a wealth of learning and sharing events. This cloud environment has created a collaborative feature like none other in the industry: agents, coaches, mentors and teachers all sharing best practices for the enrichment of everyone.


Stock Ownership

As a publicly-traded agent-owned company, eXp World Holdings, Inc. uniquely offers professionals within its ranks opportunities to earn equity awards for production and contributions to overall company growth, as well as discounted stock purchases

eXp Realty, LLC and eXp Realty of Canada, Inc. also feature an aggressive revenue sharing program that pays agents a percentage of gross commission income earned by fellow real estate professionals who they attract into the Company. Because eXp Realty is a company designed with the agent in mind, there are three ways to create wealth in the company:

  • Helping buyers and sellers in the homebuying process
  • Stock awards and discount purchases
  • Participating in the revenue share program

eXp Realty in Maryland

eXp Realty Maryland has agents throughout the state with the main brokerage office located at eXp Realty Maryland,  137 National Plaza, Suite #300 National Harbor, MD 20745  Broker:  888-860-7369.

Chris Highland is the Broker for eXp Realty in MD. Reach out to Chris Highland, 301-401-5119, cell, or at the broker number: 888-860-7369, for more information about eXp Realty in Maryland. Visit eXp Realty Careers to learn more.

The Final Question

Does Your Brokerage Offer…

  • 80% to 100% Plus Commissions? Our forward-thinking model eliminates the costs of the century old bricks-and-sticks brokerage model. No royalty, franchise, or desk fees. That money goes back into the pockets of agents.
  • Multiple Revenue Streams? eXp Realty has the industry’s most aggressive revenue sharing model. Revenue…not profit. Attract like-minded agents to the company; build your business and your retirement.
  • Opportunities for Ownership? This is a company owned by agents. Unique to the real estate industry, agents and brokers have the opportunity to become shareholders and partners in eXp Realty’s collective success.


Find out more at Expert Maryland Agents. Continue the Conversation with Chris Highland at 301-401-5119, Broker: 888-860-7369.

eXp Realty Maryland
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eXp Realty Maryland
eXp Realty offers an experience to today's buyers and sellers which is in tune with today's real estate environment. Real Estate agents experience a business model like no other, with support and cutting edge tools to increase their bottom line and professionalism.
Chris Highland with eXp Realty
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