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Home Buyer’s Road Map

The Home Buying Process

Although the process of buying a home can vary depending on the type of home purchase or the geographical area, there are typical steps that take place during most home purchases:

Home Buyer’s Road Map

Step 1 – Pre-Approval

Get pre-approved by a reputable local lende. You will establish a price range before you to start looking, and you will get the pre-qualification letter.

Step 2 – Home Search

Once you are pre-approved and have a good idea of your price range, let the search begin!

Step 3 – Offer and Negotiations

There are many considerations when writing an offer. I’ll do a market analysis to determine a good offer price, and I’ll help you craft an offer with all of your important contingencies inside.

Step 4 – Ratification

When all terms are agreed-upon, we have what we call a “meeting of the minds”. The ratified contract means the clock starts ticking.

Step 5 – Loan Application

Get your paperwork ready. Soon after ratification, you’ll need to make a formal loan application.

Step 6 – Home Inspection, other inspections

I’m here to take you through each step, representing your best interests.

Step 7 – More Possible Negotiations

As inspection reports may reveal any issues that were undetected, the necessary and extra fixes need to be negotiated.

Step 8 – Underwriting

The underwriter’s desk is the final place before the loan gets approval.

Step 9 – Closing

I’ll be with you at settlement to review the settlement statement with you and make sure everything goes as planned. We love closings without drama!

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