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Mobile Apps for Home Buyers

Mobile Apps for Home Buyers

Mobile Apps For Home Buyers

Technology keeps making our lives easier (as long as it’s working:) and never more true than in the search for a new home. Mobile apps are appearing on the market every day that help buyers find what they want and need in their search. Here are a few mobile apps for home buyers that you might want to check out:


Mortgage Calculator – It’s a great tool to have when you’re driving by and see what could possibly be your dream home and wonder if you can afford it. Plugging in the numbers on the spot will help you decide if you should just keep driving, or call your agent for a showing.

Mobile Home Search. Having a home search on your phone or tablet is a must. Again, while you’re driving around you can easily look up the details of any home you see. [Our own Website’s Home Search is Mobile]

  • Our local MLS, Metropolitan Regional Information System, has a great app, robust and easy to use. Homesnap allows you to snap a picture of
    Frederick homes for sale
    Click on the image to get Homesnap

    any home, and get the inside scoop. One of the best apps available! With this app, our buyers can communicate directly with us about the homes they are interested in. Homesnap has a GPS component, so all you have to do is open the app, click a photo of the front of the home while in the app, and bingo…all the information from the MLS. To try it out, click on the image ->

  • Most of the major real estate websites have mobile apps, Zillow, Trulia, and most large brokerages. All of these apps have their own style and branding, and all have the same information culled from your local MLS, Multiple List System. However, the accuracy of data swings wildly. There are lots of reasons, but suffice it to say, they all have various shortfalls in the transfer and presentation of the data.

Learn About the Neighborhood. There are many good apps to help you explore the area…

    • Measure Map – automatically finds the distance between a listing and other location points that might be important to you, such as the office or the beach.
    • Around Me. One of my favorites, and it’s free.
    • Yelp
    • Where, an app to find out what’s around you.
    • Suburb Scout “allows real estate agents, investors and home buyers to search for possible nuisances in the area of a potential home purchase. Includes sewage plants, airports, nuclear plants, landfills, prisons and rail crossings.” $1.99 and worth it.
    • Walkscore has an app.
    • Homefacts, by RealtyTrac, discover neighborhoods, local amenities, schools and more
    • Street Adviser
    • Dwellr, a smart app that you design yourself, getting the information from the census bureau that you want.
    • Relocality, a matchmaker between you and your dream house.
    • Neighborhood Scout, customize your own search, schools, crime, appreciation rates, and more.
    • Sitegeist is a robust app with a lot of local information
    • Policy Map, create maps, tables and charts with data
    • Curbed, Real Estate and Neighborhood information,
    • Census Connect is a Chrome plug-in that injects block level census data with real estate listings.

What about Safety?

There are several apps to help you detect sex offenders and obtain crime statistics:

Remember the home. When you’ve been looking at 5 homes or more, they all start to blend in your mind. Why not take some pics and notes of your favorites?

      • Behr ColorSmart App. Take a photo, then fill in the walls with a Behr paint color to see what you like. (Free for iPhone and iPad.)
      • Photo Measures. Take pictures of the rooms and save the measurements of the dimensions on the photos.
      • Evernote. Even the free version has a lot of great features
      • Homebuyer Checklist, keeping it all organized, documenting your comments, questions and photos.
      • House Hunter, document everything during your home search. $3.99

Enjoy your home search! Contact Us to learn about Buyer Representation in Frederick County and surrounding counties in Maryland.

We do not endorse any particular app, except Homesnap.


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Mobile Apps for Home Buyers
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Mobile Apps for Home Buyers
Mobile Apps for Home Buyers, 24 mobile apps (and the list keeps growing) that will make home buying easier and more efficient. Mobile technology makes searching for a home easier.

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