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Paperless Real Estate Transactions

Paperless Real Estate Transactions

Paperless Transactions – Electronic Signatures

As technology has vastly improved just over the last 4 years, the real estate transaction has become more efficient… and more technical. The advent of electronic signatures has made the process of signing documents easy and quick.

paperless transactions

The technologies that allow electronic signatures are easily emailed and the software can be easily added to most computers. The simple act of clicking creates an electronic signature and initials in potentially hundreds of places.

Wasted Time and Gasoline

This makes the process more efficient for the buyers, sellers, and Realtors. Gone are the days when you have to get in your car, drive over with the papers to be signed, get home and realize that someone missed an initial. Gahhhh! A phone call, a reschedule, and another car ride.

Illegible Paperwork

Or, even from the last decade, the process of scanning, emailing, printing, signing… scanning, emailing, printing and signing again. When the final draft of the contract is printed, it’s practically illegible.


I know that some people may still be a little skittish about the security of paperless transactions. The technologies for password protected and secure signing processes have come a long way. We’ve been using e-signatures for several years, now, and we, at the Highland Group, are proponents of technologies that make all our lives easier. We have a lot of confidence in the programs we’ve chosen to make these transactions easier and more efficient.

The Holdouts

When it comes to short sale transactions, many banks are still not accepting electronic signatures. We are happy to meet together to get those papers signed and sent in any way the banks require. After all, remember our golden rule… he who has the gold makes the rules.

If you have concerns about any paperless processes, please feel free to contact us for a conversation.

Chris Highland
Frederick, Md 21704

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