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Preparing for A Home Inspection

Preparing for A Home Inspection

The Home Inspection

A home inspector may be hired by a buyer or a seller to determine the condition of a home. If a buyer has decided to hire an inspector, there are ways for the seller to get the most out of the process, and ensure it is a quick and relatively painless inspection.

Preparing for A Home Inspection
There are small, and in some cases, larger measures to take to speed up a home sale inspection by preparing the home ahead of time. The home inspection will go smoother, and there will be fewer opportunities for a closing  closing to be delayed if the seller addresses repairs that are needed.

Preparing for A Home Inspection

preparing for a home inspection

The first step a homeowner can take is to make sure everything that is supposed to work actually works. Starting with light fixtures, the owner should make sure lights are functioning, including replacing non-working light bulbs. If bulbs are out, an inspector’s note will read that the fixture does not operate properly, based on his or her observation at the time. Both inside and outside lights need to be checked.

Appliances need to be operational as well. It is preferable to empty the washer and dryer, so they can be tested, although the dishwasher can run with or without a load of dishes.

Preparing for a home inspection
Doors and windows must be functional, and able to be opened and closed smoothly. If window glass is cracked or screens are missing, they should be repaired or replaced.
Any loose door knobs, entryway locks and any loose handrails should be tightened or repaired. And all doors should be checked to make sure they latch securely to the strike plate.

Inspectors need access to all areas of the house, attic, roof and garage. The inspector will also need access to any crawlspace, heating system, air-conditioning unit, the electrical service panel cover and water heater. Any boxes or other stored items should be removed and a clear path should be provided.

Clean or replace dirty HVAC air filters. Filters should fit securely.

preparing for a home inspection
As with all major systems, plumbing fixtures including toilets, tubs, showers and sinks must be in proper working condition. Faucets and handles should be leak-free and caulk should be applied around sinks or tubs where necessary.

Test smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors and replace any dead batteries. Smoke detectors are required on every floor of a home, outside sleeping areas, and inside all bedrooms. Smoke alarms powered by electricity should have a battery backup. Every residence with fuel-burning appliances should also be equipped with at least one laboratory-tested CO alarm.

When checking outside, the inspector will examine the foundation to make sure any grade or mulch is removed from contact with the siding or foundation. The grade should slope away from the structure. Gutters should be cleaned out and any debris removed from the roof. Trees and bushes should be trimmed back from the foundation, roof, siding and chimney.

Preparing for a Home inspection
Driveways are part of the overall inspection, and cracks in cement or asphalt will be noted. Repairing these prior to the home inspection is preferable. Any weathered paint on siding or deck, or chipped or peeling siding will also be noted. If possible, these issues should be addressed prior to the home inspector’s visit.

While pets are part of the family, they should be removed or crated during a home inspection. In addition, any damage caused by pets should be repaired prior to the inspection.

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“Preparing for A Home Inpection” is a guest post from our favorite Frederick Home Inspector, David Goldberg. Thanks David for another informative article.

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