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Ten Reasons to Sell Your House This Holiday

Ten Reasons to Sell Your House This Holiday

The Holidays are Are A Great Time to Sell Your Home!

Thinking about selling your home? Maybe to downsize, or move up, or even go somewhere warm?

Many sellers are waiting for spring, but why wait? Why wait for more competition? The Holidays are a great time to sell your home. Here are 10 good reasons to NOT wait:

  1. There is a good supply of buyers this year. Motivated buyers, not just recreational buyers. There are serious buyers who need to relocate for various reasons.
  2. There is less competition during the Holidays, which is a good thing when you want to stand out. Most buyers are looking online, and they’ll find you much easier when there are fewer homes on the market.
  3. You home looks great! Christmas decorations are lovely.
  4. Your neighborhood looks great too.
  5. Buyers who are searching have more time to look when they are off work during the holidays.
  6. Your REALTOR understands it’s the holiday season and you can show your home when you want.
  7. Everyone is in a good mood, because it’s the holidays.
  8. Sell your home now and you’ll be in a better negotiating position, without a home to sell.
  9. Interest rates are super low right now.
  10. If you sell now, you won’t have to mow the lawn ever again!

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