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Things to Remember in the Moving Frenzy

Things to Remember in the Moving Frenzy

Congratulations, You Sold Your House, Now What?

After offers and counter offers, what seem like endless signatures and initials, successful home inspection negotiations… whew, you sold your house, congrats!  Now, the realization that you have to move out hits you. Here are some things to remember in the moving frenzy!

Here’s some advice from a veteran mover (21 times), take a day or two to chill out, then make a comprehensive list. Breaking the work down into bite-sized chunks will keep you from getting overwhelmed. You can attack the list one item or one room at a time. I’ve got some other helpful tips for moving:

Here are 10 things you might not remember in your moving frenzy:

1.  Change the address on all your subscriptions.  Magazines, Netflix, book- or whatever-of the month, etc. Most of these can be done on the company’s website. If you order anything online or in the mail, you may want to have it sent to a friend or relative’s house, just in case it gets delayed, or in case it comes earlier than expected and you haven’t arrived at your new home yet.

2.  The post office has a set of postcards that are handy for change-of-address if it cannot be done online, or when you pay your bills. And while you’re there, be sure to put in a change of address request.

3.  Start eating the food in the freezer. It’s so much easier not to have to transport it. If you’re the super organized type, having freezer meals is incredibly helpful…they keep you from ordering take-out more than you really want to.moving with pets

4.  Start planning for your pet’s move. A lot of people forget these family members. It may be easier to have them boarded for a few days, or stay with friends or family.

5.  Gather up all your appliance manuals if you haven’t already, and put them in the pantry or in a drawer. The new owners will be pleased.

6.  Return library books and any other borrowed items. No need to move them.

7.  Try not to schedule Doctors and Dentists appointments within a month before or after your move.

8.  Pack a change of clothes to carry with you as you move. Sometimes there are delays with moving companies, best to be prepared. Pack an extra set in case the packing and unpacking is an extra dirty job.

9. Pack a “first-night” suitcase or box for everyone. When you are ready to get to bed after what will most likely be an exhausting day, you won’t have to scramble to hunt for what you need.

10.  Keep a supply of medicines with you, including over the counter items for minor annoyances like headaches or sunburns.

11.  Call your friends and family to let them know you’ve arrived in your new home safely. To save yourself the time, ask one very special friend to spread the word, then you’ll only have to make one call. And then again, there’s always Facebook.

Thoughtful Items:

1.  Leave some toilet paper for the incoming family.

2.  Water the plants before you go.

3.  Mow the grass one more time a couple of days before you close.

For more moving tips, Martha Stewart’s website is the ultimate resource for lists, timelines, and printable checklists.

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photo credit: mbtrama on flickr

Things to Remember in the Moving Frenzy
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Things to Remember in the Moving Frenzy
Moving to a new home can be stressful, getting organized early on will help the process. Helpful tips and things to remember in the moving frenzy.

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