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Tree Houses for the Grown-Ups

Tree Houses Are Not Just for the Kids Anymore

What child hasn’t tried to build a fort or a tree house — sometimes to the chagrin of hovering parents? Today there is no need to let those tree house fantasies go unfilled. The popularity of tree houses for the grown ups is on the rise. Here’s a “just for fun” article about Tree Houses, thanks to our home inspector, David Goldberg, Reliable Home Inspections.

Tree Houses for the Grown-ups
Tree houses for the grown-ups are showing up all over the world, as adventurers seize the opportunities to visit, stay in, and perhaps even build a tree house. Sizable, well-appointed, and fully functional tree houses are being built across the United States, as well as other countries. 

Tree Houses for the Grown-Ups

tree houses for the grown-ups
Eclectic Garage And Shed by San Francisco Photographers Alex Amend Photography

What defines a tree house? A small house, especially one for children to play in, built in the branches of a tree. Or, currently, a permanent structure — a house, office, studio or retreat set in the branches of a tree or trees.

Throughout history, depending on geographical area, tree houses were constructed by tribes or other communal groups for a variety of reasons, including safety and weather conditions.

tree houses for the grown-upsToday, some people choose tree houses to be more eco-responsible, as a means of connecting with nature, to retreat, for fun and adventure. Affordability has made them more popular for families to create a “vacation” spot in their own backyard.

Tree House Resorts

Tree house resorts abound around the world, and in fact, a tree house community has been established in Costa Rica. The community, Finca Bellavista offers vacations, fractional ownership, and even an invitation to become a part of this planned residential community.

tree houses for the grown-ups
Tree house resorts include Brazil’s Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel; The Costa Rica Tree House Lodge, which features a full kitchen and luxurious bathroom built around a gnarled 100-year-old Sangrillo Tree; South Africa’s Tsala Treetop Lodge; or, closer to home, the Out’n’About Treehouse Treesort, a sprawling 36-acre wonderland in Oregon.

When it comes to creating tree homes in the United States, one company in Fall City Washington, Nelson Treehouse and Supply, offers construction and consulting services for tree house hopefuls. Some of Pete Nelson’s pas constructions can be found in Washington, California, Pennsylvania, New York and Texas, to name a few. Nelson’s newest venture is host of the reality TV show “Tree House Masters.”

tree houses for the grown-ups
In some of the Tree House Workshops more memorable tree houses, owners have the benefit of features including turrets, covered porches, hand-built windows, towers, crows’ nests, rope bridges, skylights and fireplaces.

Typically, Nelson and the other tree house carpenters build approximately 10 to 15 tree houses a year, with average project costs starting at around $65,000 on the lower end and up to $330,000-plus for top-of-the-line models. (Smaller tree house projects cost much less.)

Tree houses for the grown-ups can take a relatively short time to build. Most tree houses take a few weeks to several months to complete and are built mostly with reclaimed wood and recycled materials.

tree houses for the grown-ups

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