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Waging War on Stinkbugs in Montgomery and Frederick County Md

Waging War on Stinkbugs in Montgomery and Frederick County Md

Many residents in Montgomery and Frederick County Maryland are waging war on stinkbugs again this year. Early estimates are predicting that Fall 2013 is going to be a big season for our latest stinky pests. University of Maryland entomologist Mike Raupp, has some great advice for homeowners in our area.

waging war on stinkbugsIt seems that chemicals and poisonous sprays will do little to combat the bugs, and will probably even make you sicker than the bugs. After a few years of dealing with these Asian pests, it seems that the best offense against them are simple, hand-made traps.

Simple traps can be made by stapling 2 pieces of cardboard together with spacers inside that create big hollow areas where the stink bugs will congregate.

What entomologists have learned about stink bugs is that they are attracted to warm places to nest as cold weather approaches. They tend to cluster on the south side of a house, the warmest side. They are attempting to burrow into siding and wood to stay warm over the winter. Stink bugs are also attracted to indoor smells.

The combination of warm air and indoor smells will draw the stink bugs. Opening up a window slightly,on the south side of the house, allowing warm, indoor air smells out, while hanging traps nearby on the outside walls is a sure-fire way to confine the bugs. All you need to do is periodically empty the traps into soapy water or into a trash bag.

Here is a YouTube Video by Jody Williams, the inventor of the simple system, showing how to make the traps:


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